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Come see our new Alpena office at 234 S. 2nd Ave., Alpena, Michigan 49707.

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Welcome to Freedom Recovery Center! 

Our goal is to help free our patients from the jaws of addiction. Our comprehensive treatment approach is to provide opioid addicted patients with physician supervised, short-term Suboxone® treatment, as well as access to an array of recovery support resources. Patients have the option of Vivitrol® for both opioid and alcohol; addiction treatment. Vivitrol® is a once monthly injection. Click here for more information.

We congratulate you on taking this first step in your recovery! Many of our staff members are in recovery themselves, and we know first hand the courage that it takes to take the first step. Please know that we are genuinely committed to helping you not only get clean, but to stay clean! We look forward to working together with you as you find freedom from your addiction.
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234 S. 2nd Ave
Alpena, Michigan 49707
(517) 881-6199
Fax: (989) 340-1512
2292 US-41 North
Marquette, Michigan 49855
(906) 235-3697
Fax: (989) 340-1512
1143 N. State St., Suite #1
St. Ignace, Michigan 49781
(517) 881-6199
Fax: (989) 340-1512
3600 Veterans Dr., Ste. #3
Traverse City, Michigan 49684
(517) 881-6199
Fax: (989) 340-1512
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Addiction Services:

The goal of Freedom Recovery Center is to help free our patients from the jaws of addiction. Our treatment approach is to provide medically supervised short-term Suboxone® or Vivitrol® treatment along with an individualized recovery support services plan. We also help wean patients who are currently on a maintenance Suboxone® or Methadone® plan.
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Full program of recovery including office based treatment for opioid dependence and alcohol dependence
In Office opioid dependence treatment using a Suboxone® (buprenorphine/naloxone) or Vivitrol® treatment program as well as Naltrexone® or Vivitrol® to treat alcohol dependence.
Guidance/access to many community services and resources to give you the best chance for recovery. We will be with you every step of the way.
Nutritional guidance to help increase your chances of success
Assistance in finding 12 step meetings and fellow recovering addicts for support.
Many of our patients have been successful in starting NA/AA meetings in their own hometown.
We require all patients to be in drug counseling at an approved institution in order to be in the Opioid Management program or we have it available at a cost of $50 per session.
We offer group meetings and recovery support services at no additional cost.

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